The following is a (semi-regularly) updating repository for my news reporting.

Government's plan to privatize pot sales has everyone confused

Ottawa Citizen, July 26 2018

What The Bill Blair Cabinet Shuffle Could Mean For Cannabis

Lift & Co., July 19 2018

Canada’s big cell companies new data plans “suck,” critics say

VICE News, May 8 2018

Former hostage Joshua Boyle faces four new criminal charges

VICE News, January 26 2018

Justin Trudeau’s government is just as unpopular as Harper’s was in 2014

VICE News, January 15 2018

Ottawa South PC candidate accuses Liberal campaign of harassment

Ottawa Citizen, May 29 2018

Trudeau won’t have to testify on the ethics of his private island vacations

VICE News, January 9 2018

‘I've had to feel a young man's heartbeat stop’: Supervised injection site organizers take action

Metro Ottawa, August 24 2017

Saying Goodbye to The Hoxton

Torontoist, January 30 2017

Where did all the marijuana brownies go? 

NOW Magazine, November 8 2016


Canada is about to start fingerprinting way more people entering the country

VICE News, July 26 2018

Premier Doug Ford Renews Hope For Private Cannabis Retail In Ontario

Lift & Co, July 16 2018

American playboy, Instagram star Dan Bilzerian plots a made-in-Canada global cannabis takeover

NOW Magazine, January 24 2018

How Shopify and the LCBO plan to protect cannabis consumer data

Lift & Co, February 21 2018

The Trudeau government ramped up drug criminalization with this new law

VICE News, June 13 2017

Rider v rider: how transit etiquette campaigns make you the scapegoat

The Guardian, June 23 2017

Council Spends The Day Debating Whether or Not To Continue Funding Pride Toronto. Again

Torontoist, May 27 2017

Cannabis Culture's Church Street store customers accused of homophobia and transphobia

NOW Magazine, January 18 2017

Metrolinx and the Surveillance State

Torontoist, June 17 2017